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Whispers from the mean streets
for 1997 and 1998

The Great Quadrant Coup
Shock Horror. The Paddy McGuinness/ Dame Leonie Kramer / Les Murray faction wrest control of Australia's premier low-circulation right wing political magazine from Melbourne's Tory intellectuals.
• White trash faction captures control of Quadrant 30 December 1997
• Fear and loathing on the fireline -- call for conscription in the war against The Great Harlot Nature 13 January 1998
• The rampage goes on -- Hayden, Pearson appointed to Quadrant 24 January 1998 

Possum on the waterside
Nick gets involved in the wharfies' fight against Patrick Stevedores, economic rationalists, thugs with dogs and PR wankers. Arthur C. Clarke comes out as a 'futurist' pedophile ...
• No wharfie ever called me nigger 31 January 1998
• In a Third World country, no-one can hear you scream -- reflections on pedophilia, Arthur C. Clarke and the National Farmers Federation 6 February 1998
• K
illen time on the picket line 21 April 1998

The Clean Air 2000 affair
In which Nick exposes how the NRMA's hired spindoctors, the notorious international PR firm Hill & Knowlton, were behind the phoney 'Clean Air 2000' campaign ... and the Paddy McGuinnesses make a Gay Mardi Gras appearance.
• Greenwash 2000 24 January 1998
• Somewhere over the rainbow 22 February 1998 

The Great Soeharto Rescue Mission
17 May 1998 
In which Nick discovers that the Australian Government is making preparations to rescue the embattled President Soeharto of Indonesia ... but are having difficulties with his accommodation. 

Among the barbarians (Nick Possum and the Victims of Political Correctness Inc)
June 1998 
In the course of a routine matrimonial investigation, Nick stumbles on a sinister right-wing support group (and a lot of your favourite characters from the media). 

The slaughter of the bulls is nigh
25 July 98
Old Possum comes visiting, with a premonition of a stock market crash to rival 1929. Scarier than Brian Hale. 


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