That's me posing as a Mormon
missionary in Church Street,
Parramatta ...
a good way of doing surveillance
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Whispers from the mean streets for 1999

Once were powerbrokers: Nostalgia & loathing in WA
27 January 99 In which Nick flies to Perth, expelled Liberal Senator Noel Crichton-Browne turns Green, and a 17th century warship travels the streets of Fremantle ... 

Making hagiography -- Apres Bob le deluge
4 February 99 In which Craig McGregor reveals that, gosh, Bob Carr is all that stands between us and dictatorship!

The wreck of the pleasure barge
11 February 99 Don Dunstan and Neville Bonner go to the great nesthole in the sky and Nick comes down with Possum Creek Fever and discovers that Boris Yeltsin will never die.

Heroin and circuses
17 February 99 In which Nick helps the Michael Knights rehearse for the Gay Mardi Gras and questions the "Olympic Spirit".

With Gough on our side
24 February 99 Former Olympics Minister Bruce Baird develops a death wish, the Whitlams have a bad week and the NSW cops get white line fever.

It's no show without Paddy
3 March 99 In which Paddy McGuinness embraces Germain Greer and Nick remembers a few of the ghastly words the old groupie and publicity hound actually wrote in The Female Eunuch ...

A loaf of dread beneath the bough
10 March 99 Joadja speaks her mind about David Williamson's latest play and the wimpish state of Australian drama ... 

God is my getaway driver, I shall not want
17 March 1999 Nick is woken with the news that the NSW Liberals are running a notorious, twice-convicted, armed holdup man for the Upper House and Paul Sheehan gets time off for good behaviour. 

Sticking it to the greedheads at Bexley North
24 March 1999 In which Nick helps Reclaim The Streets at Bexley North as 2000 plus kids descend to protest against the notorious M5 East motorway. 

With justice for all and malice towards none
31 March 1999 Nick writes to John Howard about the proposed preamble to the Constitution and urges him to find a better class of friend.

A bad century in the Balkans
7 April 1999 The horror and the madness ... As NATO bombs fall and ethnic cleansing continues, Nick fondly remembers Josip Broz Tito and John Reed, who saw it all before and did their best. 

Knee-deep in shit, but free to be proud
14 April 1999 From the Balkans to Australia, high-flown hokum abounds while Nick and Joadja dig up the drains. 

The Bob Carr question: is stupidity genetic?
21 April 1999 In which Nick finds himself on a blood-soaked battlefield and Joadja gets angry about the Great Leader's stance on the drugs crisis. 

For everything there is a season
28 April 1999 ANZAC Day finds Nick musing on the Denver school massacre and the Dili killings ... until a phone call comes unexpectedly from Jakarta. 

The fig of the forbidden tree
5 May 1999 The Bob Ellis imbroglio brings a lot of pleasure to a lot of simple people and Old Possum explains why the monetary system is ultimately doomed.

An assignation in the Marlborough
11 May 1999 In which Nick signs up for a hazardous mission to help the East Timor independence fighters.

Night flight to Timor
18 May 1999 Nick finds himself kicking Kalashnikovs and Paddy McGuinness dolls out of a Cessna Cargomaster over East Timor.

Mainstream politics is a chronic relapse condition
25 May 1999 The drug barons emerge from the drugs summit as the big winners and Bob Carr still looks good, thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald

This country would be alright if Cheryl Kernot were alive
2 June 1999 In which Meg Lees and Cheryl Kernot go missing and Nick stakes out the Parramatta Mall, posing as a Mormon.  

Nightmare on Macquarie Street
9 June 1999 In which Nick hears rumours that life will henceforth be nasty, brutish and short for Liberal leader Kerry "Chika" Chikarovski. 

On the pirate ship Parliament
16 June 1999 In which Nick gets angry about Warren Entsch and remembers that scandals involving concrete and defence works go back a long way in Australia.  

The vanishing of Jill Gamblin (a true story)
23 June 99 Nick goes back over his file on a young woman who went missing in Sydney 20 years ago. If you knew Jill or you have any information, please read this.

The Terror
1 July 1999 In which Nick confronts a lynch mob led by Daily Telegraph journalists and finds Bob Carr and Kerry Chikarovski trailing in its wake.  

Praise The Market and pass the snake oil
7 July 1999 Our hero takes issue with the current political fashion for "civilizing" capitalism and other weepy bullshit. 

The way things are
14 July 1999 In which Nick's fax spits out a leaked White House briefing on the visit of "Australian Premier" John Howarth (Howerd? Heward?) ... whatever.

The Vichy Republic of Balmain Peninsula
21 July 1999 Joadja discovers the hidden agenda for the Great Balmain Rebellion on Chardonnay-stained coasters from the Riverview Hotel.

The best broadcasters money can buy
28 July 1999 In which the talk-back nazis get caught out, Mike Carlton blows his cover, and Nick suffers a relapse of Possum Creek fever.

A massacre in the marketplace
4 August 1999 A day trader goes berserk and kills 13 in the US of A, and Nick and Old Possum discuss where the internet might lead us.

Fats in the ranks
11 August 1999 Nick gets totally confused trying to establish just who Paddy McGuinness's financial advisor is in the Great Balmain Burghers Rebellion ... and no wonder ... for a while the trail seems to lead to the Macquarie Bank and naked bimbos at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 

They call it merchant banking
18 August 1999 Nick picks up a cheque for surveillance work on the Simon Hannes insider trading case and wonders why Simon bothered.

Of hedge funds and the whale
26 August 1999 Nick, Joadja and Old Possum go whale-watching in Manly and Old Pos explains the nature of the world economy.

A stakeout in the night
2 September 1999 Nick gets a bit of contract work with the cops and finds himself staking out a locked public toilet. 

An honourable course of action
9 September 1999 The East Timorese vote for independence and Joadja discovers that Gough Whitlam is actually very short.

Making a wilderness and calling it Order
16 September 1999 The TNI continue their rampage and Nick is hired a security consultant for the big Save East Timor Rally. 

The fart of darkness
23 September 1999
In which Nick, Joadja, and Old Possum discuss the hurt feelings of the Indonesian military and the Javanese elite and a huge inflated effigy of Paddy McGuinness appears in the sky above Balmain. 

The New Order changeth
30 September 1999 A chilly wind blows through the corridors of power in Canberra and Jakarta as the friends of Indonesia's dictatorship find themselves redundant.

A storm over the ocean
7 October 1999 On the spur of the moment, Nick takes the ferry to Joadja's secret cave at North Head and broods on the horror of the Timor events. 

The cosmic slush-ball cometh sometime
14 October 1999 Kangaroos are found to be energy efficient and Nick considers the damage done to Darwinism by the Social Darwinians. 

The 70th anniversary of the Great Crash
21 October 1999 The new Millennium doesn't arrive 'till 2001 but the real anniversary to remember is the 1929 stock market crash on Wall Street.

The truth is out there somewhere
28 October 1999 In which Nick finally gets stuck into the renovations and discovers that the people delivering the rubbish skip are liars and fantasists.

Far better Ita Buttrose appointed than Dick Smith elected
4 November 1999 Nick wakes in pain and decides that if possums had the vote he'd vote Yes to the republic and No to the preamble. 

Velikovsky vindicated (more or less)
11 November 99 In which Joadja explains there's new evidence that cometary impacts had a big influence on human history. 

A bushman shoots his own dog
18 November 99 Lawsie and Jonesie in trouble! When Nick thinks about talk-back jocks he always gets a mental picture of a mean sheepdog. 

A desperate choice for desperate times
25 November 1999 It's a tough call but Joadja and Nick agree that 2UE ought to sack Jonesie before Lawsie.

Over an oil barrel
2 December 1999 Nick is hired by a consumer group to look into the rapidly rising price of petrol

Back to Asics
9 December 1999 Nick and Joadja visit the Michaelangelo to Matisse exhibition at the Art Gallery, but they find the fleeting moment of high civilisation passes quickly. 

The Baird Witch Project
16 December 1999 The RTA admits that the taxpayer will never get rent on the M2 motorway and Nick dusts off his old files on former roads minister Bruce George Baird.

Itinerary of an overactivist -- the Rodney Johnstone files
23 December 1999 PR man and Liberal fixer Ken Hooper is accused of organising bogus community groups on behalf of the Westfield shopping empire and Nick is reminded of bogus groups run by a certain Rodney Johnstone.

Distributor troubles
30 December 1999 Toll-paying traffic on the Eastern Distributor is so low it's hard to see how it can ever pay its way.

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