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Whispers from the mean streets for 2001 & 2002

After the collapse of the Sydney City Hub, Mark I, in early 2001 (it was renamed The Organ in its last edition), Nick was without a print outlet until August when he got a start at The Chaser. Having sponsored our hero's trip to Afghanistan in search of his long-lost business partner, Bruce Possum, the teenage editors of The Chaser withdrew his press credentials and abandoned him in Kabul without warning or explanation. It was perhaps the most treacherous betrayal of a working journalist in a war zone since Jan Wenner abandoned Hunter S Thompson in Saigon in April '75.

The Market is God
22 February 2001 Nick stumbles on a mental health emergency in Hyde Park and gets to meet God.
Mixed up confusion
23 August 2001 Our hero investigates a weird case of inverse influence peddling involving New Right columnist Imre Salusinszky.
Trouble in gangland
29 August 2001 There's fear on the streets as ethnic mega-gangs like The Libs, 'Fat Boy' Beazley's mob and The Carr Gang run amok.
Cat piss and journalism
17 September 2001 In which Nick takes Joadja's tomcat to be desexed and Dr Gupta the vet sounds off about far-right celebrity journalist Paul Sheehan.
Operation Infinite Hubris
24 September 2001 Our hero gets an audio file from his St Petersburg contact. It turns out to be from a Russian bug in the US War Room and Nick learns exactly how George 'Dubya' Bush's boys came up with "Operation Infinite Justice".

The Great Crusade

Part 1 The Great Crusade
8 October 2001 In which Nick flies to Central Asia after hearing that his long-lost business partner, Bruce Possum is in Tajikistan, working for Afghanistan's Northern Alliance.
Part 2 Tea with the Taliban
27 October 2001 After an anonymous tip-off that his long-lost business partner, Bruce Possum, has been seen on the road to Kabul, our hero crosses into Taliban territory and finds their fighters listening in to the Pakistan-Afghanistan cricket series.
Part 3 The more things change ...
8 December 2001
Stranded in Kabul, our hero is called to Taliban security headquarters the night before they quit the capital and head for the hills.
Part 4 Teethmarks on an apple core
5 August 2002 After the Northern Alliance takes Kabul, Nick is arrested and expelled from Afghanistan, but not before coming (almost) face-to-face with Bruce Possum.

The Evil Empire of oil addicts
1 October 2002
Old Possum explains why George Dubya Bush wants war on Iraq: US imperialism is desperate to gain direct control of the Middle East oilfields because oil experts agree that world oil production will soon go into decline, leaving the Arabs as the biggest producers.
We deserve the enemies we have
26 October 2002
Nick remembers that a hundred years ago the world was terrorised by Anarchist bombings and assassinations. State repression never succeeded in stopping the Anarchist terror, but eventually it died away as the poor found more practical and effective methods of fighting for their rights.

Fear in a time of drought
1 December 2002
Hired by the cops to play his part in The Great Terror Alert, our hero finds himself surveilling an old cottage because its owners have painted it in genuine Federation heritage colours.

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