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Manager of the Brushtail Café & Gallery and Nick Possum's girlfriend. Joadja (her parents for some obscure reason named her after a little-known ghost town south-west of Sydney) was once a national parks ranger. Interested in ecology, film, theatre and urban affairs.

Here's a selection of Jo's thoughts ...

A loaf of dread beneath the bough
10 March 99 Joadja speaks her mind about David Williamson's latest play and the wimpish state of Australian drama ... 

Knee-deep in shit, but free to be proud
14 April 1999
From the Balkans to Australia, high-flown hokum abounds while Nick and Joadja dig up the drains.

The Bob Carr question: is stupidity genetic?
21 April 1999
In which Nick finds himself on a blood-soaked battlefield and Joadja gets angry about the Great Leader's stance on the drugs crisis.

The Vichy Republic of Balmain Peninsula
21 July 1999
Joadja discovers the hidden agenda for the Great Balmain Rebellion on Chardonnay-stained coasters from the Riverview Hotel.

The fart of darkness
23 September 1999
In which Nick, Joadja, and Old Possum discuss the hurt feelings of the Indonesian military and the Javanese elite and a huge inflated effigy of Paddy McGuinness appears in the sky above Balmain. 

Velikovsky vindicated (more or less)
11 November 99
In which Joadja explains there's new evidence that cometary impacts had a big influence on human history.

Distributor troubles
30 December 1999
Toll-paying traffic on the Eastern Distributor is so low it's hard to see how it can ever pay its way.

Men behaving atrociously
6 January 2000 Pseudo-millennium hype forces Nick and Jo to go to bed with old comedy tapes and Jo explains her new theory of modern comedy.

The Distributor tolls for thee
13 January 2000 Joadja recalls that we were warned there would be serious resistance to the $3 toll on the Eastern Distributor and weird political operator Rodney Johnstone pops up again.

The best of all possible crashes
6 April 2000 In which Joadja reckons Ross Gittins is the Dr Pangloss of economics and Old Possum explains why Wall Street today is scarily similar to Wall Street in 1929. 

When Push comes to shove
13 April 2000 In which Joadja discovers Paddy McGuinness is the attorney for atavism and the Rumpole for the reactionaries.

The dead leaf test
15 June 2000 Three National Parks firefighters die in a freak firestorm and Joadja explains that the bush, like the sea, can turn on the unwary.

The times they are a'changing back
24 August 2000 The Brushtail Café is trashed by a drunken mob from the new-look Sydney Morning Herald