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Bob Carr joins the Millionaire Factory
By Blue Collar Bohemian
28 October 2005

Back in the days of Tito's Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas wrote of the ''New Class'' – Communist Party officials and bureaucrats who used their positions to create a privileged elite of paladins [themselves] who felt no need to extend socialist obligation to their own circumstances. For his exertions Comrade Djilas got to see lots of the Big House. Everyone at the trough hates a killjoy.

So now, former premier Bob Carr has been invited to join the Troughmasters-General at the Macquarie Bank, reputedly for $500,000 a year. There he will ''advise'' on that most innovative scam against the public purse – the Private-Public Partnership. That is when a merchant bank provides borrowings at higher interest than the government would pay if it borrowed the money itself, so the bank can build and collect rent on infrastructure that should have been built with public money in the first place. Thus originates a troughload of money. Res ipsa loquitor.

Former Liberal Roads Minister Bruce Baird was the pioneer of Big Trough in NSW. He authorised the completely redundant M2 money siphon owned by Hills Motorway Group, largely to the benefit of the remarkable Stan Howard, brother of Little Johnny Howard. Stan is famous for saying ''If company directors had to take their responsibilities seriously, no-one would want to be one'', when National Textiles, another company he directed, fell over, leaving no funds for its employees' entitlements.

The utterly corrupt idea that tollroad operators should be compensated if new public transport schemes impinge on their revenues originated with the M2 contract.

The other Baird infrastructure deal, the Airport Railway, gave its backers a haircut of shearing shed proportions because they priced an extremely ordinary service at premium fare, then failed to bankroll any traffic generators at the Green Square and Mascot stations. Yet again, public funds bailed out failed speculation. After that, the money mongers stuck to tollroads, figuring that it was more profitable to clip punters who provide their own locomotion.

So in spite of solid evidence that road-based, oil-fuelled transportation will be hitting the Peak Oil wall very soon, we are being blessed with a network of tollroads that will soon assume the usefulness and significance of the Easter Island statues. Every element of these rorts is unsustainable. They’re a Ponzi scheme to channel public money into private coffers. Or troughs.

Our former premier, Bob Carr, was at first restrained in his authoritarian tendencies by competent Independents. In his first term He needed support from John Hatton, Clover Moore and Peter MacDonald. These MLAs saw important changes like fixed four-year terms and freedom of information (FOI) improvements implemented, in exchange for supporting minority ALP government. Ironically, this made Carr look better than he deserved, leading to majority Labor government in the Legislative Assembly.

Now the true nature of the NSW ALP was revealed. Lack of control of the upper house was irrelevant, as the most egregious legislation passed by Carr was supported by the so-called opposition: Land and Environment court rulings overturned by legislation; assaults on civil liberties with naked pandering to punishment freaks, whining cops and the lock-‘em-all-up-forever lobbies; more assaults on workers' rights, freedoms and entitlements – exemplified by the gutting of workers' compensation – all happily endosed by conservatives pleased to have a bogus Labor government implement their own agenda of shitbrained managerialism, criminalisation of everything, and asset stripping of public infrastructure.

Carr's political strategy of moving so far to the right the coalition had no margin to look more conservative than the ALP, has certainly kept Labor in power – but as myrmidons of the corporate (particularly property developer) owner-operators who provide ''donations'' in exchange for the right decisions.

Recent planning policy changes, cutting public oversight out of the loop, supported by the Coalition parties, facilitates this corporate control over the process, as does the creation of zones – like the Redfern-Waterloo Authority area – totally exempt from planning and heritage law.

This amounts to the creation of the Corporate Stooge Party, a deformed monstrosity with two right wings. The ALP and Coalition compete to do the bidding of their paymasters, while at the same time distracting the docile and easily pleased component of the electorate with a mixture of sporting spectacles and moral panics designed to amuse and alarm ''normal'' people and demonise the outsider and subculture groups that don't fit into the passive, obedient, order of silent consumers desired by the kleptocrats.

The disenfranchised ''others'' now become the target of overpolicing, harassment by tabloid media, and provocations designed to draw responses that can then be used by police and politicians to further oppress them. The police killing of Redfern kid T.J.Hickey and the overpolicing of Macquarie Fields led in both cases to riots where the cops got a dose of public anger. This rioting is then exploited by the corporate media and government to tighten down the screws even more, guaranteeing that in future, more riots will be available to be exploit for their moral panic value. Worse than that, the Hickey riots were used as a pretext for the ethnic cleansing of Eveleigh St to the benefit of the property developers.

Naturally this situation isn't limited to NSW. Across the country, ALP rentboys are suppressing their gag reflexes in service to the Moloch. They’re New Class parasites who don't care what ethical contortions they perform, don't care how much the people who they purport to represent are traduced, don't care about human rights, civil liberties, decent living standards or anything outside of what's in it for them.

The strongest evidence that the main political parties are engaged in a conspiracy against the electorate is the shitlicking embrace by the ALP of the federal government's police state ''anti terror laws''. State Labor leaders fell over each other to crawl to Howard and Ruddock – grovelling toadies eager to stomp on every last vestige of democratic activism. The ALP is supporting laws that will surely be used to attack and suppress all forms of dissent, direct action, strikes, protest and resistance to the rape of the environment and the impoverishment and subjugation of ordinary people.

In 1944 the anti-Nazi German Sebastian Haffner wrote in the London Observer of Albert Speer, Hitler's architect and armaments minister: ''He rather symbolizes a type which is becoming increasingly important in all belligerent countries [in WW2]: the pure technician, the classless bright young man without background, with no other original aim than to make his way in the world.… It is the lack of any psychological and spiritual ballast, and the ease with which he handles the terrifying technical and organizational machinery of our age which makes this slight type go extremely far nowadays.… This is their age. The Hitlers and Himmlers we can rid ourselves of, but the Speers, whatever happens to this particular specimen, will long be with us'' [quoted in Joachim Fest, Speer, the Final Verdict].

Indeed. And sixty years later the Speers proliferate in this country like maggots in shit. The ''managerial revolution'', functionaries without conscience or principal – scum who'll do anything for thirty pieces of silver or the chance to exercise power over others, whatever the purpose, whatever the cost to the powerless.

I have long believed that those that seek power are generally those least fit to exercise it. The roll call of these people is very long, even without going outside the NSW ALP. And the man who ''rose without trace'', Premier Morris Iemma, is a bland, docile, order-follower whose complete lack of independent thought equips him perfectly for the job of Chief Lackey.

Sixty years on, Harry Truman's decision to maintain the US war economy post WWII and build a military-industrial security state for the corporate kleptocracy has seen US $24 Trillion [!] blown on weapons and atrocities against humanity in the cause of greedy rich white men. If the Nazis and fascists lost WWII in 1945, the clique that put them in power in the 1920s and 30s have gone from strength to strength, faithfully served by the New Class grotesquely represented in NSW by the ALP.

Milovan Djilas was revealing a universal truth. Power corrupts, those that seek it are corrupted by the process of achieving it, and the Big Trough is always ready with unlimited resources to corrupt or destroy any vestige of challenge to its power. Truly we live in an age where the Moloch is consuming our future to serve the greed of the rich. It is a small planet, and we can no longer afford these bludgers.

We hear all the time from the likes of Gerard Henderson how 80 per cent of the electorate is ''represented'' by the bogus duopoly of the ALP and the Coalition, and therefore any dissent to the corporate controlled ''mainstream'' is simply the whining of malcontents and subversive troublemakers. With the ''changed circumstances'' we are told our society now has to deal with, the role of state and corporate power in smashing the last vestiges of civil society will be made plain. And, as with Hughes in 1917, Lyons in 1931, and the DLP in 1955, the ALP has had no shortage of grubs and traitors to do the filthy work of the ruling class, the difference now is that these grubs are running the party, not defecting from it.