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"You got the wrong Texan"
Sydney demonstration against the arrest and pending deportation of US anti-war activist Scott Parkin

12 September 2005

On a few hours notice about 120 demonstrators assembled outside the Sydney Headquarters of the Federal Police at 5.30 pm.

Scott Parkin is a US peace activist who spoke at the Sydney Social Forum has been stripped of his visa and detained in Melbourne as a 'threat to national security'. He is being detained without any charge and is likely to be deported very soon.

The actions of ASIO and AFP in this case show that the increasing powers they have been granted by the government to supposedly deal with terrorism are being used to target anti-war activists who are critical of the Australian government.

Greens MP Ian Cohen ( NSW Legislative Council) addresses the demonstration.


By any spin necessary
Why imperialist spokesmen are distancing the London bombings from the Iraq war

10 July 2005
One of the surprises of the London bombings has been the line taken by prominent imperialist spokesmen. Tony Blair, Charles Clarke, John Reid, Condoleezza Rice and John Howard have all been careful to say, or imply, that the bombings were not specifically related to their nations’ invasion and occupation of Iraq.
At first glance, this is a bizarre position, but on further reflection the reason for it is obvious. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>