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Sydney rally and march, Saturday 22 July 2006

Stop the Israeli attack on Lebanon & Gaza!
Freedom and justice for Palestine!

A Possum News Network Exclusive
Words and pictures by Gavin Gatenby

I knew this was going to be a big demonstration when I boarded a city-bound train at Turrella station, 10 kilometres from the city. Sydney trains hold well over 2000 travellers and they aren't normally full on Saturday mornings. This one was packed with people heading for the demonstration. It was all I could do to squeeze into the foyer. The crowd was singing Lebanese and Arab resistance songs and at one stage, the Palestinian anthem. It took ages for everybody to detrain at Town Hall station.

The organisers, the Australian Arabic Committee for Solidarity with Palestinian & Lebanese People, represent more than 50 community organisations. The march ended by packing Martin Plaza outside the US Consulate. I'd estimate there were well over 20,000 demonstrators. Here they spread across George Street in front of the Town Hall and down into Town Hall Square. In the final Moratorium March during the Vietnam War a crowd then estimated by the media at 20,000 occupied the road here. Town Hall Square, on the right of this photo, didn't exist then. In this shot, the crowd spreads well back into it.

The march spread across all four lanes of George Street and took 25 minutes to pass.

Lots of placards emphasised the double standards of the media ...

This one attacks the routinely pro-Zionist coverage by Australia's commercial TV ...

At first glance it's difficult to understand why Israeli army spin doctors went to a lot of trouble to get pictures like this out to the world's media. I can only imagine they hoped to appeal to the loony Christian fundamentalists in the US ... the nutters who are, in reality, the natural reservoirs of anti-semitism but who nowadays hope Zionist aggression will bring on the hoped-for End of Days. By their friends shall ye know them, I guess ...

The march passes the Queen Victoria Building. They were densely packed across the road and the footpaths (in spite of the best efforts of the march marshals and the police to keep everybody on the road).

Nice point, but the dawg probably wouldn't listen even if young George hollered at it. Over the years, the Bush fambly have spoiled that gawd-damned dawg. It practically runs the fambly these days.

There were more Australian flags on this march than all the dumb anti-Arab-and-Muslim rednecks have flapping outside their houses across Sutherland Shire. The spectacle would have given far-right idealogues like radio "shock jock" Alan Jones and the Sydney Morning Herald's celebrity journalist Paul Sheehan terminal nightmares.

Judging by the outward signs of personal ideology I saw on this march the Zionists have managed to unite all Lebanese-Australians: secular and devout, Shia and Sunni, Druze and Christian.

Harsh but true. Right from the beginning, Zionist fanatics were comfortable with European anti-semitism and even collaborated with Nazis and other anti-semites to drive reluctant jewish populations towards "The Promised Land".

Indeed. The game isn't worth the candle. The concept of a theocratic, ethnically-pure "jewish" state ordained by God is a nonsense as dangerous to Jews as to everybody else.

This last says it all really.

PLEASE feel free to use these images, but if you do so, please credit Possum News Network and link to this page. High-resolution versions of these and other images of the event available on request.

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Rihab Charida
29 October 2004

After spending nearly two months in the West Bank the pull towards my village was growing stronger, especially after being detained twice and threatened with deportation.

It has been shocking to witness what Israeli colonialism has done to the land of the West Bank, yet inspiring to see what it has not been able to do to the people. The land: divided, exploited, exhausted, tortured. The people: imprisoned and controlled, yet united, defiant and beyond control. ...

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1 November 2003

... Old Possum sighed. “It’s time that sensible Jews -- people of goodwill -- insisted that you can be a Jew and be honourably opposed to the political philosophy called Zionism”. He crossed his paws on his walking stick and went on:

“It’s time to recognise that the whole Zionist project was a tragic mistake. Understandable maybe, under the terrible circumstances of European anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust, but a historic mistake nevertheless. Driving another whole people off the land they’d called home for hundreds of years, expelling them from their homes, their farms and their businesses, and setting up an ethnically exclusive theocratic state was just dumb and dangerous. How did they expect the Palestinians would react?” ...