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Rally for Palestine
Sydney, Sunday 2 July, 2006

This emergency rally was called at short notice to protest against the Israeli assault on Gaza and the West Bank. Australian Palestinians and supporters assembled in Wiley Park in Sydney's inner south-west and marched down Canterbury Road then Haldon Street Lakemba to a rally. The speakers were: Rihab Charida, Sheikh Taj al-Hilaly, Munir Mahajneh (General Union of Palestinian Workers), Raul Bassi (Socialist Alliance, Fadi Abdulrahman (Icra Youth Centre), rapper NOMISe, Simon Brooks (The Greens) and Father Dave ( Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill).

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The march leaving Wiley Park.

Turning into Haldon Street ...

Marching through Lakemba shopping centre ...
Rihab Charida leading the chanting ...

General Union of Palestinian Workers banner.

Iraq and Palestine, one struggle.

The speakers ...

Munir Mahajneh (General Union of Palestinian Workers) , Rihab Charida, Sheikh Taj al-Hilaly.

Raul Bassi (Socialist Alliance), Fadi Abdulrahman (Icra Youth Centre), Simon Brooks (The Greens).

Father Dave (Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill), NOMISe.

More on Palestine and the Zionist occupation from the Nick Possum Home Page ...

Dispossessed all over again

Rihab Charida
29 October 2004

After spending nearly two months in the West Bank the pull towards my village was growing stronger, especially after being detained twice and threatened with deportation.

It has been shocking to witness what Israeli colonialism has done to the land of the West Bank, yet inspiring to see what it has not been able to do to the people. The land: divided, exploited, exhausted, tortured. The people: imprisoned and controlled, yet united, defiant and beyond control. ...

Thinking outside the square

Nick Possum

1 November 2003

... Old Possum sighed. “It’s time that sensible Jews -- people of goodwill -- insisted that you can be a Jew and be honourably opposed to the political philosophy called Zionism”. He crossed his paws on his walking stick and went on:

“It’s time to recognise that the whole Zionist project was a tragic mistake. Understandable maybe, under the terrible circumstances of European anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust, but a historic mistake nevertheless. Driving another whole people off the land they’d called home for hundreds of years, expelling them from their homes, their farms and their businesses, and setting up an ethnically exclusive theocratic state was just dumb and dangerous. How did they expect the Palestinians would react?” ...