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Sydney rally and march, Saturday 12 August 2006
Stop the Bombing!
No Israeli occupation of Lebanon and Palestine!

A Possum News Network Exclusive
Words and pictures by Gavin Gatenby

This was the third weekend in a row that big demonstrations have been held in Sydney against Zionist aggression. I'd say this march numbered 10,000. It stretch for two blocks and across all four lanes of George Street before turning up King Street to Elizabeth Street and then to Hyde Park. Like the other marches it was characterised by an extraordinary diversity of people and organisations both religious and secular.

Leading off the march: at centre, Senator Kerry Nettle of The Greens, to her left, Sydney Muslim spokesman Kayser Trad.

Heading north along George Street.

LEFT: this placard is pretty harrowing stuff. I hadn't seen these photos in the mainstream media. RIGHT: this young lady's effort managed to sum up the whole ghastly global situation.

This banner was welcome evidence of the growing Australian Jewish opposition to Israeli aggression and even to Zionism per se.

What were the Zionists thinking when their spin doctors encouraged young children to write messages on 155 mm artillery shells and rounded up a photojournalist to take publicity shots for the world media? Whatever was going on in their twisted minds, it certainly sent a message about their madness and barbarity.

Coming up King Street.

Many placards and banners hammered home the point that the US and Israel are terrorists on a scale unobtainable by anybody else.

There was a sizable Venezuelan contingent, reflecting the growing alliance between the resurgent latin-American anti-imperialist movement and the embattled peoples of the Middle East.

PLEASE feel free to use these images, but if you do so, please credit Possum News Network and link to this page. High-resolution versions of these and other images of the event available on request.


Photos from Sydney's 22 July demonstration against Zionist aggression

Coast of Terror
Mel Gibson, anti-Semitism, Zionism and Mee

By Gavin Gatenby
Possum News Network
1 August 2006

When the Sydney Morning Herald dropped on the bed on Monday morning, Mel Gibson was spread across the top of the front page. The actor and ultra-conservative Catholic some Australians like to call “Our Mel” had levelled a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse at a Malibu traffic cop who'd pulled him over for drunk-driving. The lead story immediately below covered the latest outrages committed by the Zionist armed forces in Lebanon. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>