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Enmore Terminus (Enmore Road, corner of Stanmore Road), circa 1908

An F Class tram flanked by imposing Victorian buildings. The building on the right has unusual bowed iron lace. Close inspection shows no fewer than three barber shops. The verandahs shaded the fronts of the buildings and the verandah posts added a feeling of security to the footpaths, a feature lost when verandah posts were discouraged by council regulations. A series of incidents where cars crashing into verandah posts brought down verandahs led to the removal of these structures – to the subsequent detriment of our pedestrial realm. Fortunately they are now, more and more, being reintroduced.

Enmore was named after Enmore House, a grand 1830s mansion designed by the noted architect John Verge for Captain Sylvester Brown, a former officer of the East India Company. It was apparently located just to the right of this view but was demolished in the 1880s. Captain Brown's son, Thomas Alexander Browne, aka Rolf Boldrewood, who wrote the classic Australian novel Robbery Under Arms, spent part of his boyhood at Enmore House.